Understanding your Cell Phone Blocker

Do You Want To Know More About Cell Phone Blocker Technology?
Understanding Cell Phones Can Help You Understand
How A Cell Phone Signal Blocker Works

In order to better understand how a cell phone signal blocker works, it is beneficial to first understand how your cell phone functions.

In short, every cell phone utilizes two different frequencies. One of these frequencies is used to transmit information while the other is used to receive information. Regardless of the frequency used, the signal must first originate from one phone, and then get sent to the base station. From the base station, it is relayed to the receiving cell phone.

When you use a cell phone jammer, the signals transmitted by the cell phone actually collide with the signals transmitted by the phone jammer. When the two signals collide, the following occurs…

* The phone signals are essentially cancelled out
* The link between the cellular base station and cellular handset is disconnected
* The cell phone user is unable to make or receive phone calls

In order to block out the area in which you desire a signal block, it is important to choose the right type of cell phone signal blocker. Some are able to transmit signals in a far larger area than others. Therefore, you need to assess your needs and the amount of coverage desired, so you can select the cell phone blocker that is right for you.

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