Cell Phone Jammers in Prisons

Should Cell Phone Jammers be used in Jails and Prisons?

There is a tremendous buzz lately regarding the use of cell phone jammers in prisons in the U.S.   Prison wardens, correctional officers, and many communities, are crying out for the FCC to allow the legal use of cell phone jammer devices on prison grounds.

In most prisons, correctional workers are prohibited from carrying cell phones. Aside from the fact that they may be distracted by personal calls, it poses a security threat in the event the phone is ‘lost’ or falls into the hands of an inmate. So the point of ‘what if emergency calls need to be made by correctional officers’ is moot.

Correctional officers also carry radios at all times to communicate with a control center. The radio frequencies are NOT effected by cell phone jammers.

Also, Fire / Police / EMS bands are NOT effected by cell phone jammer use.

Lastly, landlines and cordless phones attached to landlines, are also NOT effected by cell phone jammers.

Correctional officers often ‘shake down’ inmate cells in search of contraband, cell phones included.  Many offers use a cell phone detector in order to facilitate the location of handsets.  However this approach, while effective, still leaves gaps where inmates can utilize hidden phones before they are discovered.

Inmates value and use cell phones for a variety of reasons. Not only to coordinate escape plans, but also to coordinate the smuggling into the facility of additional contraband, as well as the coordination of intimidation (or worse) of enemies or witnesses on the outside. See some of the devices that block cell phone signals in prisons here.

Therefore, until correctional officials can find a way to prevent cell phones from entering facilities, cell phone jammers should be allowed for the protection and safety of the general public as well as the correctional officers.

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